Anonymous: I have a concern about something :/ I recently bought a horse who was going into level 3 dressage and I know nothing about dressage (I do show jumping). I've been riding for awhile but I still have lots to learn and I'm just scared that everyone will think I wasted this horse by buying it. I love her to death and I'm still taking lessons but it's just something that I've started worrying about :/ 





okay fuck the idea that you’re ‘wasting a horse’s potential’ or whatever. Is the horse going to have a shittier life because its not competing at Rolex or WEF or whatever? No. Your horse has no concept of its potential, your horse doesn’t care what level you compete, your horse doesn’t dream of going to the Olympics like you do. Your horse does the work you give him. 

As for other people talking about it, fuck them. As long as you’re not abusing your horse, people should mind their own business (they won’t, but it shouldn’t matter to you). Trust me, no matter what you do, people will always judge you, so just do what you want and don’t worry about what they say. 

It sounds like your horse will be a great teacher and you have a lot to learn from each other :)

^^^ this times 1000

I need to remember this. I always get down because I think I’m wasting my horse. But, really, exactly what keepcalmandride-on said, the horse doesn’t care and I shouldn’t care what others think.

Also, you spent your money on it, so you can do whatever you and with the horse. It’s not their money. Therefore, it’s not their decision.


riding is my favourite form of exercise because you don’t even know you’ve worked until you dismount and realise you’re aching in muscles you didn’t even know you had

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My favorite thing about horses is that they can be a world champion or a amateur lesson horse and they don’t care as long as they get pats and a couple treats and I think that’s wonderful

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dream date

take me to a tack shop

give me $3000


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