Horse riding isn’t about how high you can jump.

Its about your time on their back creating that partnership.

It’s about exploration with human and equine friends.

It’s about getting lost.

Lazy days at the yard.


Not if your horse is better than my horse

Not about who’s barn is better than who’s.

Its about the equine.

This was a discussion Ellie and I had on a ride. And I can’t for the love of me remember her url.

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The real riders are out there on real horses, doing the hard work that it takes to learn how to get it done. There is a TON of bullshit in the horse world——Don`t get snookered by all the damn fakes and wannabes.

You have to dare to try. Damn it, don`t worry about looking the part, just dare to try.

- Denny Emerson (via katemsev)

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    equestrian: *sees large field*
    equestrian: *inhales sharply*